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Berkeley Springs Transition Talk: Mary Rodwell, Saturday, October 21, 2017, 1 to 4 pm
Berkeley Springs Transition Talk: Mary Rodwell, Saturday, October 21, 2017, 1 to 4 pm

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Mary Rodwell

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 1 to 4 pm

Ice House Theatre – Mercer & Independence Streets
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

(Suggested donation: $35)

Transformation - Lecture by Mary Rodwell

There are a large number of accounts of children who consciously recall their past lives and their reason for coming to Earth; their links to other planets and their understanding of objects they have seen on space craft and on other planets in a past incarnation. Hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell comes to us from Australia to talk about the significant number of cases of ET Encounters and others of a multi-dimensional nature that she has engaged with and personally researched. Her very many links with experiencers, their recall of past lives, NDEs, OBEs and shamanic experiences has produced an unparalleled understanding of the fascinating things that children describe about how these non-terrestrial places look and operate. As one of the premier researchers in the “experiencer” space, Mary’s very broad knowledge from working with thousands of clients who have experienced life changing UFO-related and multi-dimensional events provides her with an unusually detailed and comprehensive understanding of the generally unseen part of our reality – and points to significant changes headed our way in the coming months and years.

Mary is one of the world’s most well informed, credible and articulate chronicles of an area that is too often characterized by fantastic speculation and questionable analysis. Few, if any, other researchers with experiencers have the “big picture” of what is happening that Mary does.

This will be an extraordinary, interesting and provocative presentation by a real world authority. Come, learn, and understand the new world that is emerging!

Mary Rodwell is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, researcher, metaphysician, and founder and principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). She is internationally known for her work with ET experiencers and star children. She offers regressions and support for contactees and has organised a buddy system to help those who have had close encounters. Mary has spoken at conferences in Australia, USA, UK, Scandinavia, Hawaii and New Zealand. She is a regular guest on international radio and online shows and writes article for international publications like the UFO Truth Magazine. Mary is co-founder of FREE, a non-profit organisation aimed at researching close encounters.

She is the author of, Awakening – How extra-terrestrial contact can transform your life. Mary is working on her second book, The New Human, due for release this year.

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